Jimena Royo-Letelier

Alice Guerlot-Kourouklis

artistic direction
concept, music & programming


Aneymone Wilhelm

sculptures creation




Collectif IAKERI

Collectif IAKERI

Association Iakeri Project

41, rue de la Chine, 75020 Paris

SIRET : 833 317 126 00013 / APE/ NAF : 90.01Z


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I N V I S I B L E   W A L L S

I N V I S I B L E   W A L L S sheds light on gender inequality and the women's place through the use of immersive space where the material and sonic qualities of the work are revealed while being distorted by a stream of gender statistics. Jellyfish-like creatures move through the space, capturing the flow of data that is being projected in contrast to the organic inner quality of the floating images. Playing on the meaning of “méduse” (jellyfish in French / Medusa), the work engages its subjects - the mythology of the female and the brutality of the data and the real- in a metaphorical confrontation. The work’s narrative, based on three axes - the sonic, the visual, and the sociological element - constructs itself as the audience wrestles with the data. Through this, the artists embody a digital landscape to address political issues.

This project is situated within a research space at the intersection of different disciplines, allowing the emergency of a hybrid field of creation, where visuals arts dialogue with mathematical science as well as sociology and experimental music. INVISIBLE WALLS discuss the problematic of how a scenographic installation may produce a context for the comprehension of socio-political issues.

Creation 2018-2019, production Iakeri project / Iakeri Collective, in partnership with Château Éphémère (78), Stereolux (44) and Eastern Bloc (Montréal, Canada). Exposition at Abbaye de Maubuisson (95), from Novembre 9th, 2019 to March 31th, 2020 in the framework of "Liturgie d'un sonore et visuel" collective exhibition.

In french: dossier artistique

« (...) une de nos servitudes majeures : le divorce accablant de la connaissance et de la mythologie. La science va vite et droit en son chemin ; mais les représentations collectives ne suivent pas, elles sont des siècles en arrière, maintenues stagnantes dans l'erreur par le pouvoir, la grande presse et les valeurs d’ordre »

Roland Barthes, Mythologies, 1957 Seuil, Paris, Collection Points Essais, p.63

G L A S S   C E I L I N G S

Glass Ceilings, interactive installation, command from the Nanterre Digital festival in 2017 around the topic Women in numérique.