Jimena Royo-Letelier

Alice Guerlot-Kourouklis

artistic direction
concept, music & programming


Aneymone Wilhelm

sculptures creation



Iakeri | Paris, France | 2016 - 2019


en - fr - es

An insight into gender inequalities through data sonification.

Invisible Walls is a sound and visual installation that offers a perceptive comprehension of genre inequalities by the immersion into a space where the visual boundaries, music and sound, are depicted, distorted and revealed by genre data.


Data was collected (open access data from OCDE, INSEE, Eurostats and Audiens databases) and treated in order to reveal genre inequalities. Some of these data needed a statistical treatment towards the acquisition of differentiating values between men and women in divers fields and situations (education, health, emploient, political representation). Other data represented already a measure of these inequalities. The values in this way obtained were then encoded on distinctive elements of a musical piece: sound distortion, effects, random patterns, in such a way that audio alteration follows the intensity of difference between mens and women.

Moving Surfaces

The data points used for the audio rendering are projected in real time by 4 projectors, simultaneously to the distortions than they produce on the musical piece. The projection is made over different surfaces (walls, tulle fabric, cardboard) and organizing using a mapping system. The projective space is divided by "invisible walls" created from the tulle fabric, and from their multiplication emerges perspective spaces. The public is invited to wander in labyrinth-like space, the invisible walls reveal them self following the data projections.

Inside Data / Open Data

In this way, GLASS CEILINGS installation immerse the public into a both perceptive and thinking space, questioning about the origin of these data, their accessibility and effects. The sonification of these permits to embody them into a abrupt sound material, questioning by their distortions.